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*hopes I become rich and famous without putting in effort*

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i want to be rebellious but i dont want to get in trouble  

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The problem with Les Miserables is you can say it wrong and sound like a douche or you can say it right and sound like a douche

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Love blog!
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if you ever worry that you’re weird, or taking it a bit far as a fangirl, remember that people in ancient Rome used to buy vials of their favorite gladiator’s sweat to wear as perfume. so like. at least its not a new thing.

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Come to us darling.

Reblog it every time
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If I dont respond to your insult it means what i wanted to say was too mean and I decided to let you live

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Sometimes when I say “I’m okay”, what I really want is for someone to hold my hand, look me in the eyes and say “I know that you’re not okay, here is $1000.00”.

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me at 4am:  who am i
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I’m doing a project on gay rights in today’s society.

So if you believe that same sex couples should be allowed to get married, please reblog this.

This would be a lot of help, thank you.

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